Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Most design firms, and presents from Italian leather on the amount of conventional Italian calf leather upper with crocodile leather with otruch. but Italian leather scratch resistant &wshyp; long standing and mild. Available in several colors, but the Italian style leather crucial. konsèpteur eligible to encircle again, newly built drawings of each quarter. So they are also available in Italian leather, characterized by workmanship.In Italy, factory bags to leave Most are a small number of buyers who specialize in certain cities of Rome-in. Italian manufacturers just want to give utmost importance in convenience for users. Therefore, bags are usually easy and is coming back and shoulders. These bags are used to provoke and into beautiful pieces of art.

sugar vast the Italians have included classic leather, leather wallets stilize, especially in skin bags, leather hand bag's skin soft and straps long reglabl hand leather, fashion accessories around. Classic leather but are characterized by clean lines, giving a refined look. but the leather fashion appropriate for women in the mode. but the original leather Feminine hygiene elegance breathing. but gentle leather are beautiful, both eyes and touch and is surrounded by lending their straps reglabl make utensils in easy to carry comfortably. Most of the leather from their magnetic closures.

The majority of Italian leather hand or subject of a large number of interior and additional konpatiman. They possess a number or a larger amount of higher glisyèr inside pocket and a perfect complement to or outside pockets. fasèt into multiple bags Some people add mobile phone Holder, Holder business card pocket inside and glisyèr come back. front pocket glisyèr, double rolled leather cracks or double nilon reglabl wrist and beautiful wood or cotton are doublur tantalizing feature of this type in the sack.

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