Saturday, October 31, 2009

bags or top handled Ferragmo

riod where I wanted people to think I was much older so I wore Chanel jackets with either Chanel bags or top handled Ferragmo bags (the Kelly looking ones with the giant buckle). I came to my senses finally when I saw a photo of myself that looked like a little kid playing dress up. I passed my Ferragamo bags on to my older aunts and never gave Ferragamo a though again. This gorgeously crafted bag, however, is making me re-think the classic brand.

The knotted details look striking in the metallic washed leather and the braiding on top flap and bottom corners further lend the bag interest. Unfortunately it's still very mature looking-- beautiful as it is, it's not hip or edgy. But then again, I am finally mature enough to wear Ferragamo which is probably why this ap

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