Saturday, October 31, 2009

what I'm seeing lately is

what I'm seeing lately is making me cringe! What is this thing? Suede, studs and way too many chains going on. It looks like macrame craft project gone bad.
Delivery for this bag is not until September, so perhaps there is time to salvage this. Let's start with removing the studs (and this is from a stud addict)-- it makes no sense whatsoever to have the two rows of studs there alongside all of that chain detail unless it's removable and converts to a belt in which case it makes perfect sense (not). The chains framing the studs need to go, too. That leaves the actual chain that holds up the bag and the chain down the center. Now you have a chic bag with chains. But I have no idea when suede and chains became so expensive, the bag is 2,662

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