Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Barbarella Bambata, from

The Barbarella Bambata, from Fa is available now. Here in silver metallic, the raw edged bambata carries on into the Spriin Red and Black Italian Leather with GM Collections button.. Check out the Bambata in the real at Mahna Mahna, if you happen to be wandering around Tokyo loking for nss Nina Hagen!! Address her as the Mother of Punk please, and do you research on her because her story is as interesting as her look and music that's been around
Never conventional, always giving for a cause, and never boring, this german songstress is yes, another that has inspired creativity for many, including the KIKIS.. Long Live Nina! She also has a new Big Band album out which is superb, so check it out!
or decades she has been the chic-est and most forward thinker/performer there is, and all our divas are influenced by her in some way.. In the late 60's, Gents were cutting her frock off for entertainment. In the 70's her caderwalling was cringed upon.. But we, the Kikis team site her as "The Muse" for today.. She was in her 60's in this picture of her in the Bahe Kikis Treasure chest has been excavated, with precious creations for the spring and summer revealed.. Hand crocheted knots of flowers and fruit.. Italian leathers and feedsack canvas, Genuine silver oversized buttons from Giuliana Michelott.
posted by hagenfragenmbata bag? Soft Italian calfskin cross body with GM Collections but

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