Saturday, October 31, 2009

es. Kind of cool? Kind of. If it wasn

es. Kind of cool? Kind of. If it wasn't for the Margiela name behind it, it wouldn't even be worth the mention. But there is something intriguing about such an expensive and well made bag that tries this hard just to draw a raised eyebrow and maybe a chuckle. You really have to run out of all options before you even consider a bag like this. I feel it is important to incorporate sense of humor in all aspects of your life, but it should end at thousand dollar bags. It should probably end at $20 bags, as in, a reusable grocery bag with a funny picture. I keep trying to imagine what my reaction would be if I saw one of my girlfriends with this bag. And in total honesty, albeit bitchy, I think I would lose all respect for her taste and never consider style advise from her ever again. Is that harsh? I just hope I don't run into anyone with thi

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